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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  August 30, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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almost ready for the big debut. the eastern span of the bay bridge shines at sunset to start the final weekend before its grand opening. good evening, everyone, i'm heather holmes in for julie. >> i'm frank somberville. it has been years in the making. this show cases the bay area's newest landmark. after working nonstop for the past 48 hours, construction crews are starting to check off items on their to do list.
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we have team coverage beginning with debra. she is live at the toll plaza to show us the flurry of activity going on. >> reporter: frank, it's so busy, they could turn on the metering lights here. the white pile johns were just installed. they are working on paving and striping the westbound approach to the toll plaza. this is another notch in the timeline which cal-tran said is right on schedule. it's the rare day you can cruise toward the city with the bay bridge this empty. the only traffic now is construction and media care vans. >> a tremendous amount of excitement. everyone is feeling very confident. we are on track. >> reporter: on track demolishing thousand feet of the old upper deck, looking east, you can see is crumbling. by this time tomorrow, a crane will be ready to replace it with the sections of pedestrian and bypass. >> a straight shot in.
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50-miles an hour from one end of the bridge to the other. out with the old means no more braking for the dreaded s turn. >> you won't have to slow down going into the tunnel or coming out of the tunnel. >> >> reporter: now, chp has a shoulder to pull people over, good for breakdowns and accidents, but -- >> if you pull into the shoulder to take a picture, you will get a ticket from chp. >> people will be tempted. >> they will be tempted and ticketed if they give into temptation. >> reporter: this will be a different driving experience, but first, this congestion has to clear and it's a game of inches, painstaking details getting the markings just right, all signs still pointing to a tuesday, 5:00 am opening, possibly sooner, no promises.
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we don't want people planning travel based on some phantom opening date. no other date is out there. >> reporter: pave something giving way to striping. demolition continues out night, too. the tunnel will get a scrubbing and scraping and led lighting. tomorrow is the halfway mark on this project and so far, no snags. >> >> and what a difference two days makes from this to that. as debra mentioned, crews have been demolishing part of the old eastern span taking it apart section by section to clear the way for the first ever bike and pedestrian path on the bay bridge >> it has paveed the way for a ridership of bay area ridership, a spike. yesterday was the third busiest day ever. 475,000. golden gate ferry reports that
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passenger traffic is up. >> >> alternate bridges are seeing an increase in traffic. here on the san mat yo' bridge, chp said there has been a 57% increase in eastbound traffic today. on the golden gate bridge as well. the chp said northbound traffic out of the city is 13% higher than normal >> cal-tran is taking advantage of the closure of the bridge to work on the other half, the western span on the san francisco side. we are told structural engineers are checking every joint and inspectors are working on seismic shock absorbers and monitoring equipment installed years ago after the northridge quake. >> this is a great savings for the taxpayers, for us, it's safer. >> reporter: cal-tran calls this a real luxury. >> >> take a step back in time.
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check that out. video from the 1930s when the bay bridge was built. construction began in 1933 and completed three years later. in those days, building a bridge was "risky business." minimal safety gear and few regulations lead to serious injuries. even death. in fact, 28 people died during construction of the bay bridge >> the closure of the bay bridges that caused many people to change their plans. in downtown san francisco, that's costing some businesses thousands of dollars. >> >> amber lee has more. >> reporter: heather, it's a mixed bag when it comes to how the bay ridge closure is affecting businesses and people. >> reporter: the aroma usually draws a full house at ocean thai restaurant south of market on a friday night. not tonight. >> normally, we are packed. yesterday and today, half of
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them. >> reporter: the manager tells me business has dropped by 50% since the bridge closed wednesday night. so she needs only half her staff here, the restaurant has three locations in the financial district. all have lost business. >> on friday night, thursday night and saturday night, it should be really busy. we make a lot of money. but these three days. >> reporter: in contrast.ed bar at one market was full for happy hour. a manager here said the restaurant's approximate imty to bart makes a difference. >> have a couple of drinks, good food -- >> reporter: the owner at this flower shop said he had to refer orders from customers in the east bay to florists over there. he said he will be making an exception tomorrow morning. he will personally deliver an arrangement to an cold customer. he said he will be getting up
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early to take the san mateo bridge. >> it's an inconvenience. considering what they are didding, it's historic. >> >> reporter: one woman that lived in san francisco said she decided not to go out of town thraws there are fewer people here. >> i lived in the city for flee years it's nice to have a break from the busyness. >> >> merchants say labor day weekend is traditionally slow for business. everyone agrees on one thing. they hope the bay bridge will reopen monday, instead of tuesday as scheduled. live in san francisco, ktvu channel "2 news." >> ahead at 10:30, staying put, how plans are being forced to be changed last-minute. one big event hoping to cash in on the bridge closure. >> >> thousands of workers in santa claira county, union said
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that their members have a contract. public health nurses, hospital assistants and tax assessor. the new contract two percent raise the first year, three percent the second year. worker also share in the cost of health care premiums and amount contributed for retiree health care is rising. . five suspected indicted on charges of murder an felony assault. all face life imprisonment if convicted. >> >> san jose saw two officer involved shootings. they happened within hours of each other.
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both followed armed robberies. >> the first officer involved shooting ended a wild series of events police say started when two men robbed a woman at gun point shortly before 1:00 this morning. cording to investigators, the men fled, but were spotted by officers in a parking lot. one man ran away. the other sped off. the driver crashed into a fence and opinioned the officer with a -- pinned the officer with a car. the officer shot him multiple times and he was taken to the hospital. >> i heard the shots and somebody hitting another car of some sort and then i came out and noticed the guy was across the street and he was screaming "help me. i have been shot." >> several hours laettner a separate incident. police arrested raymond cardenas after he allegedly robbed a safe way store. he brandished air soft rifles that looked like real guns, but
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win one officer fired shots, he gave up. >> none of the rounds struck the suspect, but it did convince him to surrender. >> my place is the front unit and bullets, shotguns or whatever out here, you know, coming through my side of the building, here. i think i would just hide somewhere. >> i wouldn't even open the door any more. police say the man who was shot is still being treated. officers are on paid administrative leave while the case is being examined by the police department and the district attorney's office. >> >> reportedly investigating a san francisco based adult film studio over a shoot involving an hiv-positive active. the investigation into king studios in the city's mission district was in response to a
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complaint filed by -- . san francisco officials debating whether to build a new county jail. the facility houses 600 inmates. conditions that the sheriff calls deplorable. he called for a new jail during a meeting yesterday. the district attorney argued instead for ways to cut the inmate population >> for first time, we are hearing about a possible cause of the rim fire. the illegal activity that may have lead to hundreds of thousands of acres being burned. >> >> a cool down on tap for your holiday weekend. plus, i'm tracking a chance of a sprinkle. >> >> monday, we warned you of thieves using the threat of
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slippery scam we first told you about in alameda county has slithered around this area. suspects posing as animal control have hit other places. noelle walker is live where she talked to one of the latest victims. >> reporter: this is a police sketch of the suspect.
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they she is relying on a natural fear of snakes in order to get people to let down their guard and let her in. >> somebody knocks at the door and this woman appears. >> reporter: sue said the woman looked very official. she had on what looked like a uniform. >> >> reporter: the uniform said "animal control." the woman said there were snakes loose in the neighborhood. >> we watch animal planet. >> are you scared of snakes in >> yeah and it seemed like a good idea to try to trap them. she brought us out here. >> reporter: sue and her partner, paul, lead the woman through their home through the backyard. she was saying what a night backyard we had. >> reporter: she kept the couple busy for the next 20 minutes. >> she started to measure the fences. >> reporter: she even had the couple unwittingly help her pull off the scam. >> she was smooth. she was very smooth.
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>> i thought she was from spca, then, she was measuring everything. >> >> reporter: and you were helping her. paul held the other end of the tape measurer while sue wrote done dimensions. they didn't know it was a diverse. while they were in the backyard, another suspect was inside, burglarizing their home. they went straight for the jewelry box, stealing priceless items. >> my mother's wedding ring. went in here and i have a little box for earrings. >> reporter: those were gone, too, along with cash they had stashed. >> behind some papers way up there. >> reporter: police say all of the cases seem to be connected to the same suspect. this is a police sketch of her. la tina if her 30s with a stocky build. >> does this look familiar? >> yes, and she had a stud. >> reporter: now, police say if you have any surveillance video information about the suspect or the car, they would like to
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hear from you. they also want me to pass along that if someone shows up at your door that you didn't call for, call polic the family of a missing 14- year-old girl said they warned a person of interest her disappearance to leave her aloin. the family said they last saw her at 8:00 yesterday morning at their house. sheriff essay the teen may be with a family friend. 42-year-old jose ariano and they say he may be driving a late model chevy four door truck with license plate number 771-0681. in sacramento, the last day for state senate and assembly committees to approve funding. a few of the key bills that survived. a bill that would make it a misdemeanor to buy or receive
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large capacity gun magazines. another bill would loosen we choirments for citizens to get drivers license. and a thirst bill would regulate the controversial oil drilling practice of fracking for first time in california. a bill that could bring great relief to teens and their parents heading to the governor's desk. the bill requires websites to give minors a chance to remove embarrassing information or photos after posting. it bans the online marketing of adult fraud act such as selling cigarettes and alcohol to minors. >> >> now, to our continuing coverage of the rim fire in and around yosemite national park. for the first time, authorities are suggesting that an illegal marijuana growing operation may have started that fire. the fire chief said it was caused by humans because there was no lightening in that area.
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officially, the u.s. forest service is saying the cause is under investigation. now, here are the latest numbers. they put the fire at 213,000- acres burned, containment has inched up slightly to 35% and evacuation orders have been lifted for a city and two other communities. a strike team has just returned -- >> the communities up there were very supportive of us. that was something that we were all struck by they opened their homes to us. >> the welcome mat out for firefighters. they were offered food, even free hair cut. all 22 members of the strike team are volunteers that had wildlife fryer training. >> >> tonight, we are getting our first look at video taken bidrones flying over the rim wildfire. john fowler explains why those drones are so important and how they help fire crews on the
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ground. >> reporter: this california national guard predator drone flying from this base in victorville, east of los angeles, beaming real time fire video instantly to the rim fire incident commander. >> much like you would see a news helicopter. the difference is it has the ability to pick up a thermal image. >> reporter: it can see hot spots through smoke and clouds, firefighters and national guard controllers direct surveillance. covering more than 300 square miles of fire, they are digitally connected through a satellite through a drone flying at 19,000 feet clear of other aircraft. the military grade optics give firefighters unparalleled real time assistance from real time telling them what is happening on the lines.
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the drone is on loan, but could become a regular tool. >> we are constantly looking at different technologies that will help improve our ability to suppress fires. >> reporter: firefighters are using the aerial images and coordinates to create digital maps that are sent to field crews. drones were briefly used on california fires in 2008 and 2009, but this is the biggest test so far. john fowler, ktvu news. >> >> it was pretty warm, today, 96 in fairfield. morgan hill, 98. coming up on 100 degrees. today is the hottest day we will see for awhile, but as we head into the holiday weekend, temperatures trend down. still warm in fair feed, 74, concorde, 74. there is fog along the coast. it will not have a big push tomorrow, when we get into sunday and monday, it will have a big push. seeing temperatures beginning
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to plummet especially as we get into monday. here's what's happening. saturday morning, 8:00 am. we take to you 9:00 am. clouds coming up from the south, watch this as we go into saturday evening, watch for that until sunday morning. a lot of clouds moving in and a chance of sprinkles in in the forecast as we go into the holiday weekend. it's not a rain event. looks like sprinkles. when i come back, i'll roll the model all the way through your monday. we'll time it out. and talk about the hottest day of the weekend >> hundreds of thousands of bay area residents have colorful weekend plans. more than 70,000 people that have tracked to the desert -- bringing in sculptures, art cars. the event began in san francisco in 1986 and just keeps growing. >> >> facebook and facial recognition. the new plan to use the technology to keep track of users. >>
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>> a watchdog group raising new concerns about what the faa is not doing when it comes to air traffic controllers >> almost time to trade up. unbelievable.
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shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep. and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm.
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in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep. too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. more now on the new bay bridge. original span opened to traffic on november 12th 1936. former san francisco mayor, former president herbert hoover among those in attendance for a chain cutting celebration. a celebration of the new span is scheduled for next monday afternoon. including speeches, antique cars and another chain cutting ceremony >> fast food workers at oakland international airport went on strike, to day. they are concerned about losing benefits.
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200 thousand workers participated in the one day strike. saying inside, customers were complaining about garbage piling up and their employer, host international, wants to freeze wages, cut overtime, vacation and sick time and hike monthly health care costs. >> we are currently paying zero for our health care. if you are single, pay over $300. if you are family, over $600. that's why we are fighting. >> union's contract expired a year ago. host international said they made employees a fair offer. >> consumer travel alliance said the faa is not following a its own rules and controllers are not getting long enough breaks. rules requiring nine hours off between shifts were put in place in 2011 after report reports that controllers were falling asleep. >> facebook is proposing
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expanding their facial technology. they want to put all profile photos of the one billion users into the facial recognition data base. this would enable facebook to use your profile picture to recognize your face anywhere it appears on the social networking site. we are told users could opt out on their settings page. >> >> apple made it official today. it will allow trade ins for the new i phone. they say they weather offer customers store credit for older models in good working condition when they buy the new i phone. a two-year contract is required. credit ranges from $120 for an i phone 4 to $250 for an i phone 5. the program is seen as a response to the lucrative online market. the new i phone goes on sale september 10th. >> >> coming up, making history.
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>> >> first >> it has taken all day for traffic to die down to this point, but for those that couldn't wait, they had a lot of tough choices to make this holiday weekend. >> you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. >> continuing coverage of the new bay bridge. we are now a little more than three days away from the opening of the new eastern span. >> as we take another live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, crews are busy, striping the westbound approach to the toll plaza. the work may be finished tonight. one of the many things crews must complete ahead of tuesday's opening.
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cal-tran so far they are right on closure. >> because drivers essentially have to wait until now to avoid the traffic. it's leading to a lot of last- minute changes in plans. bike riding in the city was not what kristina landry had in mind. >> we were going to go to tahoe. we had these big plans. >> plans that were scrapped. >> we denieded not to do it because of the bay bridge closure. you get a three day weekend, you want to take advantage of it. >> reporter: a scene echoed across town. >> it's our day night. i didn't want to spend it on the bridge. >> flipped a u, head back in, we'll leave it to everybody else to fight over.
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>> >> reporter: commuters fed up with being trapped on the road. >> we are the first exit off the golden gate bridge. >> first time the bridge closed, we thought oh, my goodness, what is going to happen and we had record attendance that weekend. >> >> reporter: for the landry's staying in san francisco is a blessing in disguys. tahoe is still smoky from the rim fire. but it's all blue skies and sunshine in san francisco. >> this is the best weekend of the year to be in san francisco. >> reporter: traffic fall outis worst than expected. some drivers trying to avoid 101 said they fell trapped because surface streets only take them so far. >> >> when we talked to one family from martinez vacationing just far enough from the bay bridge this weekend. santa cruz. we decided because the weather was nice that maybe we should
11:32 pm
go the opposite way. >> >> reporter: they said they didn't want to get tied up in the bridge closure traffic. they figured they could have plenty of fun in santa cruz. there is the the beach, the ride, and music lovers can enjoy the last free concert of the summer. >> >> an estimated 3.1 million people will drive 50-miles or more over the next few days. that's up over last year. nationally, more than 34 million are expected to drive to their destination, that's up four percent. >> >> the fast track bill to name the western span of the bay bridge after willie brown has hit what you might call a pothole. this is being called controversial by three supervisors who said naming the bridge after him violates state rules. three sent a letter to darryl steinberg asking him to hold
11:33 pm
the bill in committee, blocking a floor vote. no word on steinberg's reaction. >> >> to find the latest bay bridge information, go to our website. >> an elderly south bay woman hospitalized after being taken from a home. a family member said he was alerted by smoke alarm and called 9-1-1. firefighters said they had to crawl on their hands and knees to find the 70- year-old woman who was trapped in the back room. >> she wasn't beeting when they got there. they had taken her from the shower, i suppose and i hope everything is good for them. >> the woman's son was also taken to the hospital, suffering from smoke inhalation, but is expected to
11:34 pm
recover. >> >> a 25-year-old man under arrest in connection with the killing of two family members. rob roth tells us it all started with a call to 9-1-1 early this morning. >> reporter: police say they received a 9-1-1 call at 2:30 this morning and would soon arrest the man that made the call. >> the officers met with a 25- year-old male that met them at the front door and advised there were some possible injuries to some of the residents inside. >> the bodies of two residents that lived at the home for more than 40-years say neighbors. authorities are not releasing the names, but a relative confirmed. they are 76-year-old nona and her 54-year-old son, tony. >> a real good guy, wouldn't hurt a fly. >> we took the 25-year-old male into custody. >> a relative said the 25-year- old is jeffrey thomas flores the grandson and nephew of the two victims. he has been living with them for years.
11:35 pm
police say they have called to the house before. neighbors say the young man had psychological problems. >> it has kind of fallen apart over there. it doesn't quit this kind of a peaceful neighborhood. >> reporter: police wouldn't say how the two relatives died, but they don't believer the killer used a gun. >> there is no other suspected parties we are looking for. this is an isolated incident, we believe. there is not a threat to the community. >> >> as children across the bay area head back-to-school. dozen says of them getting a much-needed gift from a nonprofit. capture the dream gave backpacks to the entire group. because of budget can yous, both schools have many students that can't afford the basic
11:36 pm
supplies they need in class. >> in order to do well and perform well academically, you need the correct school supplies. we provide a backpack full of 50 items for them to perform well in school. >> each student get as book appropriate for their grade level. the nonprofit gave out more than 200 backpacks this year. >> >> gradually losing her sight. learn how a 15 minute surgery has an east bay teen seeing clearly again. >> i can do so many things i couldn't do >> first, is the u.s. inching closer to a military strike in syria. what the president said a7
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continuing coverage, the crieses in syria, president obama said today he is weighing limited and narrow action against the regime. he said syria has endangered the national security of the united states and has violated established norms against the use of chemical weapon. the obama administration said 1,429 people were killed in last week's chemical weapons attack, including 426 children. so far, the president has not asked congress for approval for a military strike and france is the only major foreign power to support retaliation. president obama contends there is no excuse for killing innocent people, including such large numbers of women and children. still opposition to an attack on syria is widespread both around the world and here at home. as john tells us, the president
11:40 pm
is facing a real predicament. >> reporter: an east bay physician that lived in syria as a child and visited family there as recently as five years ago. >> it's near and dear to my heart. >> reporter: the chemical weapons attack on the syrian people hit him hard. >> my heart bleeds for all of these kids, women and families that have lost their lives. these are my people. i'm half syrian. >> reporter: the prospect of strikes does not sit well with people. >> there there is no win win situation, it's all lose lose. it's either a dictatorship or it's going to be a muslim brotherhood or some other form of unstable government. >> reporter: there is almost no support from the world at large for a u.s. military action. just yesterday, the british parliament joined against joining the u.s. in a potential attack on syria. >> this is a regime that specializes in human rights
11:41 pm
abuse. >> reporter: but steven fish said president obama may have no other choice. >> his credibility is on the line. for chemical weapons to be used in this blatant a matter on the civilian population without provocation is the kind of thing that leaves president obama with a choice. he can honor his word or he can back down. >> california senator dianne feinstein said the new information should stir the conscious of the world and she hopes the international community will take appropriate action. president obama emphasizes any attack would not be about regime change, but retribution for the chemical weapons atrocities >> a supreme court justice set to make history tomorrow by being the first from the high court to officiate a same sex wedding. justice ruth ginsberg plans to preside over the wedding of the
11:42 pm
kennedy centers president. the ceremony up cans twoent months after the supreme court's historic decision to expand recognition of same sex marriage. >> >> doctors say this eight nearly natasha payton was gradually growing blind due to a degenerative disease. an anonymous donor found out about her problem and arranged for a beverly hills doctor to perform the surgery. she had been seeing double, but right after the surgery, key to she could see normally the doctor says cases like natasha ill straight the importance of early eye exams. oakland shows its pride with the bridge closed festival organizers counting on a
11:43 pm
transit alternative to deliver big crowds this weekend. >> >> what is the weather going to be like? bill martin's forecast is a couple of minutes away. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to find big savings on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. your club card gets you deals you can't find anywhere else. load up the cooler. your favorite pepsi products are just $2.47 a 12-pack. charmin is $11.99 for 24 double rolls.
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and make it a giant scoop. breyers ice cream is only $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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oakland's annual pride celebration kicked off an hour ago at the fox theater. the main celebration is set for sunday on franklin street between 17th and 22nd street. paul chambers talked with organizers who were hopeful the bay bridge project doesn't keep people away. >> we are not hiding in the shadow. we are not afraid of getting shot. we are here. we are proud to be here. >> something oakland often get
11:46 pm
as bad wrap that's why pride organizers are coming out in full force nor this event. pride flags flying high, but now for the first time. it's on top of the land morning oakland tribune building. oakland is a up and coming, diverse lbgt community. >> people will want to come out and party all night long. >> reporter: people will be able to do that for the pride event. >> for the festival, you will be able to exit at 19th street. if you come for the block party, you exit at 12th street. >> reporter: pride organizers are believing 30,000 will attend this year's event. organizers believe this will be the biggest year ever. >> came back in 2010 with a bang and it has been growing referee:: ry year. we are the second largest pride in northern california. that's amazing. >> reporter: pride will be this sunday from 11:00 am to 7:00 p.m. franklin street will be closed
11:47 pm
between 17th and 22nd street while the pride events go on. some of the activesy a pride breck forecast, a pride brunch and the headline for this year's pride? en vogue. >> >> some say an aindicational glass of wine may help to keep the blues at bay. spanish researchers followed 5500 light to moderate drinkers for seven years and those who drank two to three glasses of wine a week were the less likely to suffer from depression, --
11:48 pm
growing here's something we don't see every day. south of bakersfield, could stay in effect for the next couple of days as the wind pattern shifts. on sunday, the wind will start to blow it out of there. the smoke has been a problem and it will continue to be. upper 50s, low 60s, 62 in san jose. nice looking day again tomorrow. today was the warmest day, temperatures trend down as we head into tomorrow in and the next couple of days and the weekend. fog forecast in the morning. forecast highs, your 90s, further east, slightly cooler, so instead of mid-and upper 90s, morgan hill was 98. it has been the hot spot as we
11:49 pm
go through the next 72 hours. the high pressure is going to weaken and low pressure, the big low will come in and stretch out the marine layer. when it does that, it trends temperatures down. that's where we are as this low drops down, so do our temperatures. today would be the warmest day. it will not be cold on saturday, sunday and monday, but temperatures will not be in the low 90s. they will be in the upper 80s tomorrow, mid-80s sunday. we talked about the chance of sprinkles. here's the computer model. 8:00 am. not bad, but here come the clouds, saturday morning, so, drizzle, sprinkles? it's hard to say. i would watch it. i wouldn't change my plans. dynamics are weak, but there is enough. 5:00 sunday, it looks like it will be wet roadways. we'll watch that and we'll be in here and rose mary will be here and they will be talking
11:50 pm
about that. it's not very well organized. we'll watch it. your weekend should be fine. just be aware there are sprinkles out there, there could be measurable? i wouldn't expect much if any. but it could put a damage per on your festivity plans. sunday is the coolest day. tomorrow night. 87, clouds not here, yet, mostly sunny, sunday, the clouds start to pull in. 80, morgan hill. 90 and along the coast as you would expect. just like today, nice at the beaches. they have been seeing it nice out there. five-day forecast with the weekend in view. saturday, right, theres this. a little cooler many cooler on sunday. cooler on monday. five-day forecast with the bay area weekend in view. don't change your plans, just be prepared for a sprinkle, maybe drizzle in the morning. >> okay, thank you. >> >> fred is here. key game for ark's they are
11:51 pm
playing another wild card contender. >> >> tonight, starting pitcher, david price took a taxi to the oakland coliseum. cross see $202. >> >> a's fans, first home gauge since he was traded back to the a's. how do you like me, now, a three-run homer off price. 3-1 lead in the fifth, but the rays score once more. james flairs to center. chris young. missed by that much. ben scores a tieing run. a's come back in the bottom of the 8th. 40th double of the season. and here comes cocofor game winning run, 4-3 is the final.
11:52 pm
>> >> remember that, that was three months ago? tonight in oz oz, arizona, the only scoring. yes, 1-0, giants. tim lincecum come is used to to scoring in low scoring game. he strikes route, getting great defense throughout the entire game. aj was a screamer, great reflexes. a strike to get him and end the threat, giants win 1-0. lincecum come is 8-13 >> coming up, tiger and phil were golf partners today and it was no contest. >> >> we have an a7
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11:56 pm
it was perfect football weather tonight in alameda in our first fry night high school football game of the week featured two schools that loved to throw the ball around. alameda faces fourth and goal at the 20. quarterback hernandez, favorite target. dawson -- 17-0 alameda after one quarter. quarterback and hess best friend, jj, 26 yard touchdown. 17-6, josh and jefferson are both juniors. they will hook up several more
11:57 pm
times. there is hernandez one more time, another alley-oop. alameda wins the season opener. this was a great division. two contests. hernandez, 7 for 17. 165-yards and three touchdowns. josh was 23 for 39, 151-yards, two touchdowns, but two interceptions >> phil mickelson said he enjoys playing golf with tiger woods as his playing partner and today, he proved it. he uses a 6 iron, 220-yards, a 6 iron? give me the driver. look at this, instead, he get as tap in eagle. michelson shoots an 8 under 63 leads the tournament by one, tiger shot a 368, five behind phil. that's sports this friday night. >> thanks. >> thank you for choosing ktvu
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channel "2 news." we'll see you next time news breaks >> keeping tabs on the bridge project and have all of the overnight news. can you find us on ktvu.
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12:00 am
>> today on "tmz" -- >> "big brother" has taught us a lesson that if you use bad words about blacks and gays and others -- >> in texas, like we say things that are sometimes we joke and we don't mean it. >> when she said that, that pissed me off. i went to a high school where there were more black people and more asian people. probably not good while you're doing this. >> dave chappelle was performing comedy


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